11 May 2013

Adminpraise And Taptheme Retired

Kyle Ledbetter / Blog

Hi folks, It’s truly with a heavy heart that I type these words: I’m retiring both AdminPraise and TapTheme.

As I’ve been hired as a fulltime employee for a few years now, I’ve slowly had less and less time for AdminPraise and TapTheme, and have chosen to focus only on Projectfork outside of my job.

With all the work I did on the Joomla admin UX for Joomla 3.0, it really defeated the purposed of AdminPraise moving forward. Joomla 3’s admin is essentially my final act for AdminPraise.

Same goes for TapTheme; I worked extremely hard to get Bootstrap in the core of Joomla, knowing full and well that I was placing a shelf life on TapTheme since all Joomla sites will be responsive moving forward.

When the store went down for AdminPraise and TapTheme I figured now was a good time to discontinue it. I’ve decided to give away all the templates and extensions for free, but THEY WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED.

Again let me repeat: THESE FREE DOWNLOADS ARE NOT SUPPORTED, so users beware (and don’t email me unless you like a harsh lashing):

###AdminPraise Downloads: Download here

###TapTheme Downloads: Download here

If some devs out there want to update any/all of those templates and extensions for Joomla 3, feel free. Just don’t be a jerk and try to sell these free downloads as they are.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging my work over the years. The diverse experience led me down the path to my current career and I’m truly greatful.

If you want to check out my current work, visit me on Dribbble.

We also got lots of good stuff cookin’ in Projectfork if you haven’t seen it lately.


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