Portugal. the Man Portland, OR

4.83 3.6 awesome, hippie-spirited, fun and rockin' groovy indie rock

Neko Case Tacoma, WA

4.75 3.25 One of the most unique singer-songwriters of recent years, Neko Case brings her own style to every track, and they're awesome. A mix of alt-country, indie-rock, alt-rock; whatever you wanna call it, love it.

Bear Mountain Vancouver Canada

4.67 1.15 If you put an indie band in an electronic jungle, this would be your band. I don't even understand what I just wrote.

The Joy Formidable Wrexham UK-WALES

4.6 2.7 great live rock, with rad lead lady who has huge eyes

Divine Fits Los Angeles, CA

4.6 2.25 Rock with members including Spoon's Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner.

Passion Pit Boston, MA

4.6 3.85 The guys that really started this indie-pop trend are back playing one free show. Fun upbeat stuff.

The National Brooklyn, NY

4.6 3.95 One of the most unique indie-rock bands, particularly lead singer Matt Berninger's baritone voice, The National blend Americana, alt-country, indie, and straight rock for a haunting and beautiful sound.

Typhoon Portland, OR

4.6 2.85 Big orchestral indie rock with uplifting powerful sound and counterbalancing dark lyrics

Ms Mr New York NY

4.5 2.95 Indie synth-pop duo w/ vocals like Florence but the sound is much darker

Vampire Weekend New York NY

4.5 3.7 Fun, light hearted, international indie pop rock with hints of Paul Simon and songs that make you feel just plain good.

The Cure West Sussex, England

4.5 4.1 Panties and bras are going to fly, including mine as, Robert Smith and whoever else is in the band these days brings back the minimalist, quintessentially 80's indie-pop rock style known as the Cure to Austin for ACL. This will be a sing-a-long dance party for sure.

Purity Ring Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

4.5 2.75 A unique duo where you can hear Grimes, Baths, Dicsclosure, and the Knife like sounds with hip hop beats and overlapping sweet female vocals. Their last show in Austin was at Mohawk and was amazing; the act really translates well to a live performance.

Tame Impala Perth, Australia

4.5 3.45 Psychedelic rock that draws you in and makes you love them.

Desert Noises Provo, UT

4.5 1.35 Fun indie-rock with a rollocking feel, older than but reminds me of Lord Huron.

Latasha Lee & the Blackties Austin, TX

4.5 0.75 Funky soulful singer with soul-hip hop tunes. Like Amy Winehouse but more, idk, realllllly good.

Haim Los Angeles, CA

4.4 3.4 Fleetwood Mac influenced amazingly fun indie rock from three sisters that I think might be witches. Watch their videos.

Wilco Chicago, IL

4.4 3.7 Everybody's favorite early indie-rock band, Wilco have been rocking out for nearly 20 years. Frontman Jeff Tweedy created the group in order to go more rock and roll after alt-country pioneers Uncle Tupelo broke up.

Grimes Vancouver, Canada

4.4 3.5 Experimental and awesome, Grimes brings a total unique sound that is part electronic, part pop, and all her dark quirkiness. Expect to hear Grimes at Barbarella!

Depeche Mode Basildon, England

4.33 4.1 Depeche Mode is back and they have a new album coming out. One of the original and most popular electronic acts in the world, Depeche Mode created an entirely new sound in the '80s. Emo electronic pop, whatever it is, it's good.

Arctic Monkeys Sheffield, England

4.33 4.1 British indie-puck rock. They started out a bit more punk and rebellious but have become a bit more rock over the years, yet still retaining an edge.