25 Apr 2013

Make Dribbble Awesomer

Kyle Ledbetter / Blog

It’s been a while (not like the Staind song). Thought I’d share a couple of Chrome extensions I use every day that Dribbble even better.


Benchwarmer commandeers your default Chrome tab and injects Dribbble goodness in its place. It’s got infinite scroll and you can log in to see your Following shots.

Install Benchwarmer from Tiny Factor.

Dribbble HD

Ever wish the Dribbble shots were larger while browsing? You’re not alone. Dribbble HD cleverly takes advantage of the 2x image sizes and loads them instead, for 2 bigger columns of “HD” loveliness.

Install Dribbble HD from Darsain.

Bonus: Flipboard App

Since I must have my Dribbble fix around the clock, I consume it via the iOS app on my iPad and iPhone whenever I’m away from my desk. I actually prefer this over any other Dribbble-specific apps (I’ve tried them all).

iOS App


The Android version looks nearly identical as well.

Got any other tips to make Dribbble awesomer?

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