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Much of my most recent work using current technologies has been for internal enterprise web apps which naturally can't be shared with the public.

In leiu of listing this work, I've recently been working on personal concepts and projects using my latest skills and experience.

Analytics Dash

A concept for clean analytics dashboard with generous white space and colorful, minimal charts. Important metrics are called out in large lightweigth text & icons, sales use a stacked area chart, performance is shown as a simple bar chart and team permformance is shown in a donut chart. I believe you rarely need more than these types of simple charts to relay important data.

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Big Data App

This is the realtime streaming metrics view from a larger big data app store concept. This view is centered on clickstream realtime data coming from a website. D3.js is used for the line/area and bar charts while some simple javascript mimics the data being updated each coule of seconds. Since this app store couple be massive, two sidebars are used and I'm testing SVG full color iconography.

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OSX Apps

A series of desktop app mockups for OS X 10.10 before Yosemite was released. I came pretty close :)

(No live demo, these are my first flat mockups in a while when I was testing out Sketch).

Chat App v3

Working remote my entire career, I'm obsessed with communication & collaboration. Tons of new chat apps are emerging, but not with emphasis on collaboration and desktop, which are key to designers and developers. These are my mockups that were all designed in the browser.

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Chat App v2

Version two is much more focused on readability and simplicity, and allows horizontal scrolling for an unlimited number of chats.

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Chat App v1

Version one was very focused on putting all the elements in the UI and I decided to show 3 chats at a time, while only interacting with one chat in a given moment.

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I designed a concept for a music festival band ranking site that is a blend of a marketing site and a web application.

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Joomla 3

Joomla 3 features an administrative UI I designed and built for the project as lead of the JUX (Joomla User Experience) project. With over 35 million downloads, Joomla is the second most popular open source CMS. I was also responsible for the default Joomla theme and the design of the websites.

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I've been the UX lead for Projectfork for many years. Projectfork is a project management component for Joomla which includes projects, milestones, tasks, forums, file repos, activity streams, and tons of UI and UX. I designed the marketing site as well.

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