16 Oct 2015

Sketch Material Design Template V2

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Hi blog, long time no see!

Dunno why I’ve neglected to post about previous goodies like this, but I’ve just release a new free Sketch Material Design template on Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/shots/2296655-Material-Design-Sketch-Template-v2-Free

You’ll notice I added some device backgrounds for laptop, tablet-landscape, tablet-portrait and mobile. These are behind the actual Sketch artboards so they won’t export.

This is an evolution of my previous Material Design Sketch template from over a year ago: https://dribbble.com/shots/1686164-Material-Design-Free-Sketch-Template-Icons

When I designed the original template, there wasn’t much out there in terms of specs for Material Design layouts beyond mobile and the one layout I included (card-over).

Since then there were suggested layouts in Angular-Material (my jam), and finally the Polymer team came out with this super cool site for 4 layouts across 3 responsive breakpoints: http://polymerelements.github.io/app-layout-templates/

Here’s the changelog from this new Sketch template:

Changelog (10/16/2015):

  • [new] 16 layouts from Polymer examples
  • Nav View (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
  • Nav Cards (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
  • List Card Over (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
  • Nav List Detail (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
  • [new] device background behind artboards which doesn’t export
  • [updated] Material Design Components
  • [new] Lists
  • [new] Cards
  • [new] Data Tables
  • [new] Tooltips
  • [new] FAB Speed Dial
  • [new] Date picker
  • [new] Progress Circular
  • [updated] Forms: Inputs, Checkboxes, Radios & Switches
  • [updated] Styles
  • [new] Typography Styles (Display, Headline, Title, Subheading, Body, Caption, Button)
  • [removed] Charts (I’m going to make a Material Charts Sketch template soon)
  • [todo] Icons - need to add around 300 new icons and update icon categories based off official material-icon updates

What are you waiting for, go download that puppy and give it a try (and a Like on Dribbble)!

Back to you!

Lemme know what you think!

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