Credo AI


As a founding member of Credo AI and Head of Design, I played a crucial role in the successful establishment of the company. Being part of the initial team that brought Credo AI to life was both exciting and challenging. I was responsible for creating the design systems, UI patterns, and original prototypes that laid the foundation for our platform. My designs were integral to our Seed Round of funding and acquiring Series A, which helped us secure the resources we needed to bring our vision to market.

On a daily basis I worked closely with the world's leading AI compliance teams and data scientists to ensure that our platform adhered to the highest ethical and legal standards. This was an essential part of our development process, as it ensured that our platform was not only innovative but also valuable. With my expertise and the team's efforts, we could create a solution that not only benefited our clients but also met the legal and ethical standards of the industry.

As the Head of Design, I was also responsible for overseeing the growth and development of the product. I ensured that our platform evolved into an industry-leading AI Governance Platform that addressed the needs of our clients. This was a challenging task that required me to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry continually. However, it was a rewarding experience to see our platform grow and become the go-to AI Governance Platform in the industry.

As shown in the screenshot, we’re continuing to evolve with the rapidly changing market, as we bring Generative AI offerings to our customers with all new types of design challenges.