Teradata AppCenter


Teradata AppCenter was an innovative and advanced analytics application deployment infrastructure that offered a seamless experience for customers in deploying their analytical and UI apps. The platform was designed to run in the customer's cloud, and it was built on Kubernetes, which allowed for an immediately deployable production environment for massive analytical "headless" apps as well as UI apps. Additionally, all of the apps were pre-built with the open-source UI platform Covalent, which was designed and maintained by Teradata. This gave all of the company's customers a ready-to-go app in a box that required little internal design and development resources.

One of the key benefits of Teradata AppCenter was its user-friendly design, which masked away all of the underlying complexity in a point-and-click user experience. This was a significant advantage for customers who sought to quickly deploy analytical apps without having to expend a lot of time and resources on design and development. With AppCenter, customers could quickly deploy their own analytics applications and get insights from their data without requiring a lot of technical expertise.

Teradata AppCenter provided a range of powerful features to its customers, including the ability to deploy and manage multiple applications, control access and security, and monitor usage and performance. The platform was designed with scalability in mind, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The system's flexibility and ease of use made it an attractive option for organizations that required quick and efficient deployment of analytical apps.

The industry has since evolved and adopted this approach widely, and ultimately Teradata wasn’t the right brand to carry AppCenter forward, but we built something that was ahead of its time and helped define that industry.