A User Experience leader located in San Diego, CA with over 20 years of experience returning value to the enterprise and to customers by building organizations, managing teams, changing culture, contributing to communities, fighting for diversity, and (hopefully) improving lives.


Credo AI (2020 - present)

VP of Design

Head of Design and one of the first hires brought on before the Seed round of funding, and helped grow the team and product into Series A where we are currently selling to Fortune 1000 customers with the most complex AI challenges on the planet.

Tasked to design and build a product, organization, and culture from the ground, up, to address the trust & ethical needs of the entire industry applying Responsible AI to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models.

Teradata (2014 - 2020)

Teradata - Senior Director, User Experience (2018 - 2020)

Reported to C Suite and built a centralized global UX organization to change the culture from technology driven to customer-driven for a 10K employee corporation. Staffed UX research & design teams, managed budgets, and constructed UX Labs and design studios for teams. Aligned UX with PM, Engineering, Sales, Support and Marketing, driven by Voice of the Customer (VoC). Conducted user research with 500+ customers from 150+ Fortune 1000 companies. Ultimately the major success was to prove the ROI of UX, cut costs, reduce churn, and accelerate product to market that provided value to our customers.

Design Challenges Designing a SQL editor & data catalogAnalysts, Data Scientists, Developers, and Operational interfaces for DevOps, DBAs & IT/OPs.

Primary Tech & Tools AWS, Azure, GCP Miro, Dovetail, UserZoom, Figma

Teradata - Director, User Experience (2016 - 2018)

API Platform Team Aligned API engineering and Developer Platform with UI Engineering, to focus on Developer Experience (DX). Delivers single-sign-on (SSO) and Identity Access Management (IAM) on an enterprise scale and designed a Docker container and Kubernetes (K8S) deployment application strategy.

Design Challenges Creating an API Developer Platform with Identity Access Management (IAM) and core application API services.

Primary Tech & Tools Swagger, Kubernetes, Docker, Go, Auth0, Keycloak

UI Platform Team Created UI organization within engineering, distributed in a matrix across product teams. Revitalized entire product portfolio from operations monitoring dashboards to container application platforms.

Advocated, promoted, and educated an entire organization for UI engineering best practices and laid the foundation for the UX organization and culture.

Design Challenges Designed & developed every enterprise UI imaginable, including a data app catalog, countless analytical dashboards and data science reports to data management and administrative interfaces

Primary Tech & Tools Angular, Material Design, Sketch, Github, eCharts

Teradata - Principal, UX Architect (2014 - 2016)

Created and championed an enterprise open-source UI platform (Covalent) used by Teradata and Fortune 500 customers, built on Google’s Angular JavaScript framework and Material Design system.

Successfully advocated this new UI platform across all Teradata teams and stakeholders to begin the unification of products. Research & design for a new real-time streaming platform with lightweight transformation (ETL instead of ELT). Delivered first developer experience (DX) by exposing REST APIs & documentation alongside monitoring.

Design Challenges Craft a realtime self-service streaming data application to easily stream from many data sources and write to many sources

Primary Tech & Tools Kafka, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, Cassandra, Angular, D3.js

MicroStrategy (2014)

Senior UX Designer

A major influencer in the reimagining of the world's most popular BI product. As a senior UX designer, introduced future facing vision for voice driven, natural language processing customer experience for analytics.

From modern visualization, dashboards and report building interfaces, to voice-driven search and analytic experiences, we introduced many concepts that have since become standards and best practices.

Design Challenges Reimagine the industry-leading BI product with Natural Language & Search as the interface.

Primary Tech & Tools MicroStrategy, Teradata, Angular, D3.js

Sears Holdings (2013)

Principal, UX Designer

Part of a small strike team tasked to save Sears with analytics & data. We designed and architected enterprise analytics social network for all of the massive Sears Holdings companies and products.

We also conducted advanced R&D for streaming data ingestion and segmentation engine experience. Our team built streaming solutions on Docker, Kafka, Cassandra, MongoDB and many technologies that have since become industry standards.

Design Challenges Revamp the analytics experience of a company founded in 1893. Designed streaming insights with bleeding edge tools.

Primary Tech & Tools Docker, Kafka, MongoDB, Angular, Bootstrap

eBay (2010 - 2012)

Principal, Usability Engineer

Designed and developed a UI platform for eBay’s technology organization, and built a massive analytics community and reporting solution for executives and leadership, named "DataHub".

Many of our discoveries have been institutional for the Big Data industry and laid a foundation for features still in development 10 years later. DataHub served all analysts and data scientists, integrating features from Teradata, Tableau, MicroStrategy and beyond.

Design Challenges Design an intersection of dashboards, reports, forums, access control, blogs, news, and more for the entire eBay technology organization and petabytes of data.

Primary Tech & Tools Tableau, MicroStrategy, Angular, Bootstrap

Joomla Open Source (2009 - 2011)

Lead User Experience Organizer

Back when "UX" was a new term to many people, I led the UX innovation for Joomla, the second largest open source content management system in the world, powering a staggering 4.4% of every website behind Wordpress. We completely reimagined and improved the administrative interface with accessibility, responsiveness and productivity as our goals.

Boutique Web Design Firms (2000 - 2010)

The first decade of my professional career was focused on building skills, learning about business, and maturing from a Flash designer to a developer, and laying foundations for User Experience and Customer Experience:

Pixel Praise (2005 - 2010)

Partner, Lead UI Developer & Designer

Pixel Praise quickly rose as one of the premier Joomla (open-source) CMS web development firms. As a partner, I developed the business plan, forecasts, ran sales, and developed sites. I introduced 1-2 week Design Sprints well before such things were commonplace. We pivoted from customer development to online templates, extensions and plugins, including a theme site (JoomlaPraise), a mobile site (TapTheme), site administrator application (AdminPraise), and full-blown project management software suite (ProjectFork).

Capstone Media (2003 - 2005)

Partner, Lead UI Developer

As the entire planet moved to eCommerce and Social Media sites, at Capstone we specialized in online stores and communities for local businesses in Austin, Texas. I cut my programming teeth on open-source platforms such as Interchange (Perl-based e-commerce) and Mambo (PHP-based CMS, later become Joomla).

superMega Media (2000 - 2003)

Partner, Web Designer & Developer

While still in college we began selling custom Flash (yes Flash) website in Lafayette, Louisiana. Remember, this was a time when first you had to convince a company WHY they needed a web presence at all.