UX R.A.D.A.R. Process


As our UX organization and demand grew, Product Managers began to go around our existing UX process and go directly to Designers to request work. While this was great for collaboration, important steps in our design process were skipped and several issues arose:

  • Designs were created without the proper research
  • Designers didn’t have import architectural implication knowledge when designing
  • Designs were handed to Engineering without proper Design System adherence and UI Platform compatibility checks
  • Features were implemented without proper customer usability testing and validation and issues weren’t caught until it was too late

We had the skills on our UX team, but we needed to formalize a process that was easy for our cohorts to understand.

A Designer being swarmed by PM requests
A Designer being swarmed by PM requests


RADAR was conceived to ensure the proper order of operations for a UX request had been properly researched with real users, architected with proper connective tissues, usability tested, and benchmarked for continuous improvements.


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