UX Toolkit


While the UX tool and product market is every expanding, the current quad-fecta of power tools for us is Miro, Dovetail, UserZoom and Figma.

These tools are used in a flow from research, to architecture, to design and back to research (RADAR).


Miro can do anything. We largely use it for virtual whiteboards, brainstorming, user journey mapping, affinity mapping, information architecture, and user flow charts.


Dovetail is a UX user research data platform with tons of built-in features. We creating learning plans. We then import recorded sessions using the fantastic transcription service. Afterwards, the team scrubs the data and creates tags. Typically they then hop into Miro for grouping raw insights. Afterwards back into Dovetail for visual analysis and formal insight creation.


UserZoom does much more than we've tapped into, but largely we host moderated usability tests and unmoderated surveys there.


I don't need to tell you how amazing and game changing Figma can be. The realtime collaborative design capabilities are invaluable in current remote working times.