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My career began in Louisiana designing Flash and 3D animation, and I’ve arrived as an all around UX designer working in Texas & California.

I wonder what’s next...

Born in Lafayette and raised in Baton Rouge where I attended LSU and graduated from ULL in 3D animation. I visit New Orleans as much as possible and am a Tiger fan. I will always choose Cajun food over Creole.

I moved to Austin in 2003 with no job and started a web design firm. I met my lovely wife one year later and we’ve grown our businesses and lives together in ATX. We now live in the area of “Dirty Six” in downtown. I've become a BBQ and taco snob.

I first travelled to Cali in 2010 for a Joomla convention. A year and half later I was hired by eBay to head up the UX for a massive analytics portal. After that I moved on to a Sears analytics team also in CA. Something tells me I’ll be back...

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I’ve built roughly 10,382 unique user interfaces for every imaginable usage. I’ve currently nestled myself into a niche for building massive UI libraries based on Bootstrap, focusing on analytics powered by D3.js

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My latest blog is powered by Github pages built on Jekyll for Bootstrap. This will probably change next week.

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Jack of all UX trades, master of a growing list. My passion lies in crafting an emersive UX through beautiful UI & interactions. My current toolset is coding these UIs in Sublime Text, Bootstrap, jQuery, Highcharts and D3.js, but:

Any good designer can design in ANY medium just like
any good developer can program in ANY language.


My career has taken a natural progression from client websites, to template clubs, to UI templates, to UX design, to complex analytical UX design.

UX Architect


Planning & designing entirely new experiences for a new fleet of big data products spanning from customers to developers for both analyst consumption & dba/scientist productivity.
Senior UX Designer


Currently doing R&D for next-gen analytics platform interfaces and experiences built on simplicity and natural language processing (NLP).
Principal UX Designer

Sears Holdings

Created a massive UI library and design language for a real-time big data web app built on Bootstrap, Angular.js, Node.js & D3.js
Principal Usability Engineer

eBay, Inc.

Designed the UI for a collaborative analytics platform web app with everything from blogs to charts, built on Bootstrap, PHP & Highcharts.js
UX Team Lead

Joomla! Open Source CMS

Led an international effort to completely re-engineer the UI/UX for a CMS that’s used on millions of websites, built on Bootstrap, PHP & jQuery
Design Firm Entrepeneur

Pixel Praise LLC

Operated a successful design firm started in college in 2002 which thrived in client work & template shops in Austin, TX
Bachelor of Fine Arts


Began as a Graphic Designer for LSU and graduated as a 3D animator from ULL with an internship building Flash websites. Go figure...
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